1971 Mercury Comet speedometer cable issues

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1971 Mercury Comet speedometer cable issues

Postby chris.reiser » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:17 am

I have recently replaced the speedometer cable in my 71 Comet due to issues with the old one. The problem I am having is that the new one I purchased, once installed in the car, does not work. I have troubleshot doing a couple of things. I put the one end of the speedometer cable into the cluster in the dash. I then turn the other end of the cable before it went into the transmission and the speedometer gauge worked.

The 2nd test I conducted was putting the one end of the cable into the transmission, removing the cable from the back of the cluster, and spun the tire (car was jacked up). When I spun the tire the cable inside the rubber/metal sheath turned.

It appears that independent tests the cable is in working order. When I install the cable into the cluster and the transmission, the cable does not work and does not register a speed. The cable is not pinched off anywhere under the car. If anyone has experienced this before or may have an idea of what the issue is please let me know. If additional information is needed let me know.
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