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Re: Radiator question

Postby popscomet » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:30 pm

Comechero65 wrote:And I can't say much about stock rads as I have always run a 4 core rad on mine. I know some say that is too thick and slows down air flow but I have never detected that to be a problem. With the 4 core and at least a 5 blade fan and shroud have never had an overheating problem even on a hot day with the ac on. We always refered to the 4 core rad as the 'Desert Pack'.

WELL,ON my 64 ,I use the orginal rad ..no shroud at all..a 5bladed fan and it runs as cool as a cucumber,no matter the conditions,,,cruise ,traffic .....it don't matter....it's a 60 over 289,..pop
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