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Postby loman » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:11 pm

These guys have been a round a few years (3-4, maybe) and are producing pretty decent 427 blocks and FE heads. Apparently they are selling or close to selling their new tunnel wedge intake. Which I think would be a great intake for a NSS car. This intake is one of the best flowing 2x4v intakes in original form, Dove or the new BBM intake. Jay Brown authored a book "The Great Intake Comparo" which covers dyno results for about ever FE intake ever made. I'm not a fan of the Edelbrock 2x4V on the market these days. They use Carter/Edelbrock carbs only. I'm a Holley guy. The Tunnel Wedge intakes are outrageously priced these days. I sold one recently, a new Dove intake for $825 as I thought it was fair. You'll see some asking prices of $1200-$2000, just ridiculous. You could talk to Barry Rabotnick of Survival Motorsports about FE builds. Jay Brown has a website http://www.fepower.net and as mentioned, the guys from Fordfe.com a 445 stroker kit in a 390 block with Tunnel Wedge intake will give you good FE power and plenty of wow factor when the hood is popped.[/quote]

Thanks for the info. What front end are you using in your 64 FE power? If i decide to build a car for NSS, the 66 would be my car of choice because of the bigger engine bay. However, I'd have to find and buy one. I could use my white project car for this but that 390 with stock suspension would be a tight engine bay. Anyone have a FE in a 64 or 65 with stock suspension?[/quote]

I have a Mustang II front end. It is not NSS legal. A lot of guys buy the Crite's kit that allows you to run a FE and stock suspension in a early Comet.[/quote]

I agree with the Crites kit. I have checked that out along with their headers. I'm curios about the Crites headers. I remember seeing McBlane's build on this site and when he put the headers in, they looked pretty low in the pictures. Which headers are you using?

I emailed the NSS group that I'm interested in about the front end and rear suspension mods but I haven't heard back yet. I'm pretty sure I know the answers but want to hear it from them.
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Re: 390 motors

Postby fryedaddy » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:11 pm

loman wrote:
fryedaddy wrote:
vicegrip wrote:
From my experience,most FE guys are older and I fear the aftermarket will dry up when the demand isn't there.
i brought that subject up on a fe forum and my first reply was,ask the flathead guys that

Fryedaddy that is funny! I got a little laugh out of that. Where do the Y block boys fall in at?
i guess they meant that those engines didnt die out with the older gen,so why would the fe?

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