large Balanced Thermostat

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large Balanced Thermostat

Postby saddlerson » Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:41 pm

I purchased a large style (2.5") 180 degree Balanced thermostat from Cobra Valley Performance Unlimited. It looks to be a Robert Shaw / Steward. I'm perplexed! When I removed it from the package a single small ball bearing fell out of it. Can anyone tell me where it goes and what it is for? The bottom of the thermostat, the side that goes into the manifold turns independant of the cone top. I may have turned it when the ball bearing fell out?

By the way, anyone out there that is looking for a large old style thermostat housing for FE pre 1966 for the 2.5" thermostat and large hole intake, you can get one at NAPA, part #605-1020. I just got one, its aluminum around $25.00. Nice part!
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