FAVOR: Pictures of Shift Mechanism for 1965 A/T Please?

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FAVOR: Pictures of Shift Mechanism for 1965 A/T Please?

Postby kevinshi » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:31 am

Hey folks -

If anyone out there would be so kind I could really use a coupe of pictures of the OE shift mechanism on a 65 AT:

Both of these would be from inside the engine compartment and above the end of the outer steering column as it protrudes out of the firewall with the car in PARK:

1) Camera angled such that I can see the rotation orientation of the lower shift lever slot (e.g. how far over does it need to be rotated?)
2) Camera angled directly downward such that I can see the clearance between the exhaust and the lower shift arm/rod (how much space is needed?)

Thanks in advance!!

(Note: I understand that the shift lever slot orientation is dictated by the upper column collars - its a long story why I need the picture anyway... a story I will post in full in a few weeks... ;-).
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