Dashboard Sag Fix?

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Dashboard Sag Fix?

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So I know we’re all a bit unfortunate with our 66 dash pads seeing as justdashes looks like the only main go-to for repairs and restoration. And while that’s awesome and the work they do is outstanding, the price that comes with it doesn’t agree with my wallet, my budget, or my wife :lol: SO, I’m looking to tackle it myself and do a bit of DIY to get it back to a more presentable condition. I’ve fixed a cracked dash once before with some epoxy work and it turned out surprisingly well, but my concern with the Comet is the sagging hood over the gauge cluster, as well as its foam being a softer material than most modern dashes. Has anyone here attempted a repair like this, or tried to straighten the sag over the gauges? I’m figuring some heat and pressure may help reshape it but I haven’t sat down to give it a shot yet. My plan if I can flatten the sag is to clean the cracks up, use an epoxy to fill and repair, sand it all smooth and wrap the dash with the same leather I’m planning to use for my door panels. Any wise words of wisdom are appreciated, recommendations too. Anything to instill me with me the false sense of confidence I need to crack into it and get this done. Thanks!

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Re: Dashboard Sag Fix?

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I searched comet, falcon dash repair on youtube, looks like there might be some help there.
I'd rather do it myself if it's done right or not,,,isn't that what hotrodding is all about?

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