Upgrading gauges in original 65 panel

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Upgrading gauges in original 65 panel

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So far i havent seen a Billet gauge bezel replacememt for the 65 so I am wanting to both change the style upgrade the 4 gauges and speedo to gps unit and keep the original gauge bezel
The fuel,temp,oil and charging are 1.5 inch and spedo looks like 3 3/8 works
I was thinking a carbon fibre back with red illunination btw
has anyone upgraded their gauges?
I was thinking i could make an aluminun backing panel to mount the gauges in and then
Marry it up to the back of the original cluster.
Just skip using the stock plastic lens piece as each gauge has its own lens
Your thoughts? Pics of any mods would be great

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Re: Upgrading gauges in original 65 panel

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I have been installing Auto Meter gauges in my '64 dash panel. The gauges fit the openings but I made an adapter to center them and hold them in place. I cut the factory lens so it will just cover the speedo. I also am adapting an Auto Meter tach into the stock Comet housing. I am also converting the lighting to LED and I have spares of everything so I did not cut any of the original parts from my Cyclone.
I attached a couple of pictures. If they do not come through e mail me and I will send them to you.

https://farm1.staticflickr.com/689/3194 ... 7d2d_s.jpg
https://farm1.staticflickr.com/716/3194 ... 38f7_s.jpg
‘64 Cyclone/ Boss 302

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