fuel pressure

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fuel pressure

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I manage to get to the track once a year,in July when it's 110 deg in the shade.(65 Caliente,BBF) Been running a Carter 120 gph mech pump which doesn't require a regulator.It works great all year(almost) with about 8 lbs of pressure up against Viton needles.Last year I had to get the ego deflating push out of staging due to vapor lock.Sooo I installed a pusher elec pump in combination with the Carter that requires a regulator.It's deadheaded and with a switch,on only when I need it.Have the reg adjusted to 8 lbs.Stays the same,electric on or off.Finally the question...if the pressure is at 8 lbs with my head under the hood,would it still be 8 lbs at 6500 rpm thru the traps,assuming no restrictions or any other problems.I could put a gauge on the cowl but...Thanks!

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Re: fuel pressure


You need to have the pump on any time the engine is running,without it running,the mechanical pump is forced to draw fuel through the electric pump.You should not need a regulator as the mechanical pump will only allow 8psi.You should mount a fuel pressure gauge that you can see while making a pass to verify what you pressure is maintaining. ROY.
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