Bonneville salt racing

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Bonneville salt racing

Post by loman »

Does anyone know if there are any 65 Comet or any other Comet's that race at the Bonneville? If so, does anyone know of the speed's and classes they race in? I've been out in the shop this afternoon working on my car and started daydreaming about racing other than drag racing.

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Re: Bonneville salt racing

Post by langlo »

I don't know if there are. But, would be a great place to start looking. The classes are almost endless, engine size, body modifications or stock, fuel type etc. and then combinations of those. My granpa runs in the BGALT class with I think currently the AA size engine class. Blown gas altered with a 604ish ci block. He's making 2300 hp :shock: It's in a camaro though. I think you can get a rule book through the SCTA site.

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Re: Bonneville salt racing


I remember a 64 Comet a couple years ago,do not remember class though! ROY.
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Re: Bonneville salt racing

Post by Tbart »

There was a gold 64 at Bonneville that was briefly seen in the opening montage for "American Muscle Car" for a while at least.

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