Falcon 6 Performance

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Falcon 6 Performance

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The Ford Falcon SIX Cylinder Performance Handbook has 77 pages of History, Facts, and Information to help you get more power out of your small Ford SIX for only $14.95. This engine was used in Falcons, Mustangs, Fairlaines, and Comets in the 60’s. It was the FoMoCo workhorse in Mavericks, Granadas, and Fairmonts in the 70’s. The Handbook contains all of the basic hop-up information you'll need to go from mild to wild. It also has a "how-to" section ranging from carb and distributor tuning, to 200/250 engine swaps to replace 144/170 engines. The "staged performance upgrades" section will help you create a sequential plan for hopping up your small Ford SIX.
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There is a lot of good info. in the manual,I bought one when I was building the 144 in my Comet.Later,Heath
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