How to attach Mercury Head on emblem?

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How to attach Mercury Head on emblem?

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Hi guys,

I was missing the center grill emblem on my 65 Caliente so ordered a couple and restored the best one. Put in the new aluminum sticker colors and am at a crossroads on how you attach the little head emblem. It has a pin to guide it on bottom and the top looks like a tiny tube. Stock ones almost look like pop rivets but don't know how to get a gun in on this angle. My second thought was to use maybe a small nut and a washer or two and then a self-tapping tiny screw that would just screw it down and hold it all together but I figured I'd throw it up here and see if anybody actually knew what I was supposed to do with this before I go shady tree mechanic on it.


Auto Krafters Compatible/Replacement for Grille Ornament Insert Mercury Man Head 1965 Comet Caliente Standard Emblem (C5GY-8A223HEAD)
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Re: How to attach Mercury Head on emblem?

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I'd probably just epoxy it on. or maybe a very small tap ,drill & tap the stud that was riveted on,not the guild pin. would need a squared off tap to get threads deep enough. but the glue would be easier.

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