Rust Reformer / encapsulator / light rust

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Rust Reformer / encapsulator / light rust

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61 Comet sedan.
So in working on my car I come across alot of areas that have light rust. Most of what I have read about 'rust reformer' is that the rust should be
moderator to heavy otherwise you can damage good bare metal. Part sthat I can soak and totally remove the rust, I do. But larger parts
cannot be soaked in rust removal so I sand as best as I can. Is rust 'encapsulator' a good option? such as Eastwoods?
Some of these products say can be top coated with paint, but i wonder if I should use a primer first anyway.

I was wondering what other folks are doing and using.
thanks in advance.


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Re: Rust Reformer / encapsulator / light rust

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I cleaned my metal with a combination of vinegar and phosphorus acid which is supposed to neutralize the rust you just have to get it well rinsed off, I used some rust reformer after that just be sure in case I missed something.

I believe they market the rust reformer to use places you can't reach, I have used it for that but I also painted the whole bottom of my car with it after I had wire brushed it, sprayed it with acid, rinsed it well, and then used the rust reformer as primer followed by 2K bed liner, I did something similar in the trunk but had to use a wire brush up over the wheel wells etc and then reached up in as far as could and sprayed or brushed it on depending on which gave me the best coverage.

I am not saying I did it "correctly" that is just how I did it. :roll: :P

See Ya,
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