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: :) hello everyone, I am new here. Looking for answers for my comet I found this forum and I had to join as I am the proud owner of a 1963 Mercury comet SS22 convertible.
A beauty perfectly restored few years ago in original red color.
The reason I was looking into the exchanges on this forum is the lack of power on my car. The engine is the original 6 L . 170cu. Runs great on flat but any hill is a big obstacle.
So my questions to the experts are:
1-can i do something to solve the power problem without changing the engine ?
2- is the SS22 frame ready for a V8? ( the Wikipedia page on 63 comet is saying yes but not really sure.)
3- any other idea?
Thanks everyone

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Re: Performance

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Welcome! Dont know anything about those 170s but pretty sure the chassis is the same. Almost everything is different 6 to V8. Steering, brakes, rearend and wheels.
If you fo decide to upgrade power please upgrade steering and brakes as well!
You have a pretty car there but if it cant get out of its own way wheres the fun in that?
I'd rather do it myself if it's done right or not,,,isn't that what hotrodding is all about?

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Re: Performance

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Welcome aboard! :D I'm like Fred and can't tell you a lot about the 6 other than what he said. The expert on your car is bmmaurer (forum name) who has one that sounds like its just like yours, but with a V8. I'm sure he'll chime in soon.


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Re: Performance

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Welcome on ! :D
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Re: Performance

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Welcome! The early Comet is the last of the iconic swept wing design of the MEL 'jet age' style cues. With airplane inspired cockpit to the subtle tailfins and fender 'intake' gills.

Sounds like you enjoy the cars originality. Modifying the original powertrain , suspension and brakes can be done to your expectations/needs depending on your resources . '63 was first year Ford put a V8 in a Comet but has many differences as mentioned.

Making the existing 170 compatible with your driving needs may not be too difficult, reaching higher expectations will require time, effort and money. Often the original six only needs a good tuning and a few new parts to at least reach it's original performance level.

Increasing the severely economy biased six's performance can easily be achieved if you are willing to make a few simple 'upgrades'. The two speed Foromatic limits ultimate performance but shouldn't limit the cruise-speed hill-climb ability.

Upgrades can be as simple as freshened or alternate Carb and increased timing advance and curve mangement for better cruise and hill climb.

Getting into it deeper - a cylinder head feshening and milling can help performance considerably with a slightly or radical compression ratio increase.

Taken further there is a whole family of small six performance enthusiasts that can give unending advice ( :roll: ) on increasing the 170's performance:

I have 19'61, 63 and '74 Ford small block six cars and all three are capable of Hi-Speed interstate and back road hill carving performance.... .

have fun

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Re: Performance

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^^^^^ this

Love the S-22! Welcome aboard. :D


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Re: Performance

Post by Metco »

Thank you all for your welcoming posts.
From what I am reading the best course should be focus on this 170 cu engine and the trans to make them do what’s they are supposed to do. After all, I can’t imagine people at Ford designing a mass production car to go only on flat surface. So, I will first look Into improving the tuning as suggested and see if the transmission is doing it’s job in downshifting when climbing.
I will keep posts on my progress and probably ask more questions as I get into it.
Thanks all

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