Good Deep Exhaust?

289 - 351 cid Small Block Performance
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Good Deep Exhaust?

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What are you all running for and Load Deep Rumble on your 289's? Mine has a mild cam and love the sound at idle and putting through parking lots, but once I gas it is starts to quiet a lot. Looks to be a single in cherry bomb to dual out, maybe 2 in pipe I am guessing. I really would like to get the meanest rumble I can.


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Re: Good Deep Exhaust?

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better part of 25 yrs ago,,,I started off with a sweet cam( performer rpm) and good compression...,and a set of tri-y headers and a pair of 2in flomasters with 18in turn downs ,,gave a sound that chevy boys would call me at home to find out why my 289 sounded so good....but now at almost 72 yrso,,,it kinda hurts my ears at a 1000 rpm's,,so to compasant for it ,I run a lot above that tickerler rpm like in 3rd gear like in a cruise thru have to have the compression to help give a tough sound,,if not all you;ll ever get is a glass pak sound,,,don't care what you have...a hard hitting engine is where it's at....nothing takes the place of compression....JMO ...pop

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Re: Good Deep Exhaust?

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I have true duals running to a pair of race venom black widow mufflers and a dump before the axle, sounds nice and deep at idle and boy do they open up when you mash the gas, I love it!!
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