PCV Spit up Problems

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PCV Spit up Problems

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I need some help fellas. My 66 390 GT is spitting out the PCV valve. It happens after you hold it at say 70-75 mph and then ease off the throttle. It'll kinda sneeze and puff out a wisp of blue smoke. Now, here's the real kicker. This car started doing this back before I restored it. I had the engine rebuilt and installed a new factory correct PCV piping system. The oil filler/breather doesn't appear to be stopped up and if you pull the PCV valve out, it's sucking like crazy. I'll be anxiously awaiting the outpour of knowledge.


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Re: PCV Spit up Problems

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If it's sucking a lot of air the pcv may be defective or the wrong one. If it sucks too much air the idle could be radically affected. If it's right it should not load the engine down. Also is the breather free breathing? Hopefully you still have baffles inside the valve cover to stop oil from being slung directly into the pcv. Is the engine broke in yet and the rings seated? Ford used to have a tester to check the pcv for proper flow. If you pull the pcv out of the vc and put your finger over the inlet to the pcv does it make a major difference in the idle? Should only affect it slightly if it's right. The valve should rattle just slightly at idle.

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