Fenderwell headers

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Fenderwell headers

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Does anyone know of 1965 Comet, fenderwell headers for the FE engine? I am building a 65 Comet with a blown 427 FE engine. I need a set of fenderwell headers to exit just below the outside bottom of the fender. Along the lines of zoomie headers. This is a nostalgia recreation of a 65 Funny Car with blown, injected FE engine. Any ideas?

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Re: Fenderwell headers


I think you will have to make your own or have them made!If you run an axle or huge engine setback,it will give you more room,I run stock front suspension with the back two on each side out through the inner fenders.Passenger side was easy,drivers side was a real pain,plug access on #8 is fun!!! JMO , ROY.
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Re: Fenderwell headers

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Welcome to the forum, Estrubal! :D

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Re: Fenderwell headers

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I saw a 65 set up exactly like you want it back in the early 90's. Have a pic somewhere....can't seem to find it but IIRC,they were Stahl or Jardines.Jardine is still in business but Stahl is gone.They sold there tooling to ACP in Pennsylvania,717 232 2800.Might be worth contacting either of them.

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