Rare 70 Falcon Big Block 429

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Rare 70 Falcon Big Block 429

Post by albert »


Did not know they even made any of these. This is truly a special car for the performance crowd. Nice to know that the last Falcons made in the US had some real power under the hood.
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Re: Rare 70 Falcon Big Block 429

Post by Comechero65 »

70 being the last year for the american built falcon was a sleeper year. You could get any engine/trans combo of your choice in a plain vanilla car in the 70 1/2 model. It even came with different name badges for the outside if the buyer didn't want it to say FALCON.

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Re: Rare 70 Falcon Big Block 429

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$25k, that's a deal.
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Re: Rare 70 Falcon Big Block 429

Post by barrys65cyclone »

Yea My buddy has a 70 4dr 429SCJ drag pack complete with shaker with all paper work to document it, Imagine 429 SCJ 4spd, shaker, 430 gears.

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Re: Rare 70 Falcon Big Block 429

Post by Rocket989 »

THAT is awesome!!! :shock: :lol: :mrgreen:
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