427 sohc value

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427 sohc value

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So I'm thinking about putting my sohc motor up for sale but I'm not sure what they're going for now. It's a Holman moody crate motor, missing the carb and alternator, all original, only test fired, but no run time. If anybody has an opinion on its value id like to hear them

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Re: 427 sohc value

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You should contact Mike Chrisman at CARS in Santa Ana. (Chrisman Auto Rod Specialties) Mike is the son of Art Chrisman who was well known in Ford performance circles and a pioneer in Hot Rodding. He was also Jack Chrisman’s nephew.
Mike and Art built many SOHC engines at there shop, I visited Art every time I was in the LA area, he always had a few real trick engines and projects to show me.
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Re: 427 sohc value

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PM sent.
I'd rather do it myself if it's done right or not,,,isn't that what hotrodding is all about?

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Re: 427 sohc value

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The after market stuff is 40,50 grand,ready to run.Since no cars were documented being in the show room with that motor,the nostalgia factor would be hard to determine.It is a H/M crate motor,though.I would put it on e Bay with a huge reserve and see what happens.The might be a couple of guys....

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