Daily Driver thoughts/input/ideas wanted

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Daily Driver thoughts/input/ideas wanted

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Hi guys, I'm seeking some input. I'm 34 now. Grew up with a wrench near permanently mounted in my hand and most of my teenage life into adulthood was spent working on early Mustangs, both mine and friends. I'm currently working on a 70 T/A Boss 302 project and this has sparked interest in vintage cars in my wife. Back in highschool dating she could have cared less about my 66 Mustang that served as my driver for about 5 years or any of the others. I also drive around 30,000 miles a year and I'm trying to keep from putting too many miles on my Super Duty. Plus being a gasser the mileage is awful even for my standards along with giving my wife and son something fun to drive to car shows. I had been looking at early Mustangs initially, but growing up I was always in love with the gassers. My favorite of all were the Comet gassers. So I started browsing around at early Comets. I really prefer 62-63s. Turns out in my area they're pretty dang cheap. I've found a couple cars under $1500 that were complete, and probably could be driven from their grave with a set of tires, a lawn mower can of gas, and a couple hundred bucks at the parts store. Pretty solid bodies as well. So I'm starting to sway towards a 2 door Comet for my new daily driver. From what I've saw local my expectations for a car would be solid frame rails, good firewall, solid roof, and I expect to do floor patches, likely quarter panel patch, fender patches etc. As long as the body is solid enough to not fall through the floor and the glass set in it though, this will be an afterthought. I just want he car to safely go down the road initially. I'm hoping to find one with a stick. If not I will be trying to swap soon as possible. I'd like to eventually swap to a T-5 since most of my commute is highway. Whatever I get I will be replacing the entire brake system and fuel system off the bat(btw, does anyone make pre-bent brake/fuel line kits in SS?). I'd also go to front disc and if financially capable rear at the same time too. I'm A-ok with manual steering and brakes so no worries there. I'd also replace all the steering components(hopefully there would be compatability with some of Open Trackers roller bearing steering/suspension components). Maybe someone here knows? From here after replacing the fuel system, just go through the basics on the engine if its in decent shape. The goal would be a V8 smallblock in the very near future though. So some of the steering/suspension would need to be planned around that but I haven't dug that far into researching the V8 swap yet. If I get something without an engine I'm going to just go straight to V8 swap. Nothing crazy, likely just a 5.0 roller with mild cam/heads etc. I'm not concerned with interior initially as long as there are seats and a steering wheel to hold. I'll probably upgrade a few things like starting/charging system, add a Bluetooth radio, etc. For safety I also plan to add a fairly simple roll bar keeping the back seat and run door bars. Upgrade to high back seats at some point. And for seat belts, is there an easy shoulder belt swap or would I be best served just running a 4pnt attached to the roll bar? Hopefully this isn't too long winded, but what are your guys thoughts? Are there any suggestions, drawbacks, other concerns related specifically to the Comets? I'm not familiar with what rear ends are used in them. If it would be easier, I'd likely even just swap a 8.8 with discs from an Exploder. I have access to one for a couple hundred bucks with 3.73s in it. No idea on width though.

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Re: Daily Driver thoughts/input/ideas wanted

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Welcome to the forum Rusted.

Most Mustang things will fit the Comet, as far as front suspension goes I think the only thing needed will be the correct drag link. on an early body Comet the transmission tunnel is pretty small but a lot of guys have put T5s in so they will fit.

I did the Explorer 8.8 for my Comet, I did the home brew narrow to it by using a second passenger axle and cutting the one side down. Also the late '63 V8 on should have an 8" rear or you can use one from a Maverick, they just bolt in.

Sheet metal body patches are pretty much non-existent, floor pans and patches are available,

One thing to watch out for is if the rear window glass is broken they are not available new (at least for sedans)

I don't know where you are located but a member here has a '63 with a small block and I believe a T5 for sale in the KC area you can check the for sale section.

With a Mustang background you should be just fine, Comets/Falcons are just Mustangs (or visa-versa) with a different body.

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