What is the best rear axle to use in my 61 Gasser?

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What is the best rear axle to use in my 61 Gasser?

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I recently purchased a 1961 Comet set up as a gasser. I want to change the gears in the rear end but have no idea what kind of axle it is other than it's a straight axle with drum brakes & has 3.00 gears that have to go. Looks like an 8"
Wondering if would be easier to put a different axle in it with disc brakes. Anyone recommend an axle I can use for a replacement?


61 Comet axle.png
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Re: What is the best rear axle to use in my 61 Gasser?

Post by SASSY »

Looks like the early 60s 9inch with the 2 dimples I had under the Model A I wad building. Is there a big dent just off center or is that factory?
A pic of the center section would help.
I'm pretty sure there a kits available to put rear discs from a late model Crown Vic for the early 9inch. Would be an good source for parts.
Was thinking of this kit.
https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-1973-Ford ... ect=mobile
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Re: What is the best rear axle to use in my 61 Gasser?

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If you can take a socket and a ratchet and remove all the nuts that holds the gear chunk in ….that is an 8in gear.....but if you have to use a end wrench to remove the bottom 2 nuts ,,,you have a 9in,,,,don't know what part those dimples play....don't down play the 8in,,,there are 8in houseings that have all the extra webbing,,they are very stout,,have one in my comet now ! ! I have ran a 8in with slicks and a 4spd several times and never tore them up....in fact it's the very same one that is under my 4spd comet right now......if a man tries hard enough he can tear up an ANVIL,,,,so good luck in which route you choose to take….3.50,,,3,70....4.11.....even a 4.56 rear gear are plenty street savy,,all this is POP's opinion....

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