Rear Rim Size

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Rear Rim Size

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Working on my 64 Caliente. Has anyone put an eight inch wheel in the rear with stock leaf spring location, and if so, what backspace did you use. Just finished installing a set of Doug Thorley TYI-Y Ceramic Coated . Takes a little effort, but fit like a glove once everything is bolted up. Any info on the rims will be appreciated. Plan on using Weld Rod Lites.

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Re: Rear Rim Size

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A few folks have but I have not seen ‘em in person. I would get the tape measure & a helper and check it out. Off the cuff I’d say an 8” rim would need 5” of back spacing (or more without running into the springs or stops).

I used 7” rims with = to 4.5” BS and lips are rolled. Could probably fit a 235 but that’d be it... Plus, in my experience less than a 1/2” (minimum) clearance with leaf springs...they make contact...
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Re: Rear Rim Size

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I have 8 1/2" centerlines on the back of mine with 255/60/15 ET Street radials, pretty sure they are 4 7/8" back space, springs are stock, I had to flapper wheel the springs a little, & the wheel lip a little too, the diff has been shortened 3/4" each side & the diff has been moved back 1" for the tyre diameter to clear the sill, I mostly run the American racing torque thrust 15x7 with the 255/60/15, I swap wheels depending on how much tyre is left on them & where I am going. John
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