65 comet gas tank

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65 comet gas tank

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I have a 65 rag top with an aftermarket 16 gal tank, the space for this tank was modified and I was wondering where the original set in and what the capacity of the originals were? I have attached pictures of the trunk space and the tank and would appreciate your knowledge and comments. Thanks
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Re: 65 comet gas tank

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There is a tank available, I think Macs has them, I see them on eBay as well but I believe someone said there were none currently.

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Re: 65 comet gas tank

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original was 20 gals. the ebay link that had the first repops available & had them for 3-4 years is out of stock.probably ran out of the first patch. Melvins & autokrafters had them not too long ago but I'm not sure if they still do. just ask for 64-65 comet 20 gal tank. people who got them were satisfied & said they fit perfect &looked good ,a great duplicate.
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