'65 Wiper Switch/Systems: Two speed = interval?

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Re: '65 Wiper Switch/Systems: Two speed = interval?

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kevinshi wrote:
poboyjo65 wrote:Kevin did your interval wiper work? If it works it would probably be better

I have the interval wipers & was planning to try to hook it all back up but I couldn't find a vacuum diagram & didnt feel like trial & error method. then a couple guys on FB said they probably would not work right even with NOS parts. I decided then not to try to use it & that I would do the 70s truck parts if I ever did anything. but then I decided I probably dont need any more than my one speed that the interval wiper has with no vacuum. I do have the pedal that Barry spoke off & it is nice. I used it a lot on the way across Tenn to the comet gathering.
Well as far as I know they were working fine. I took them off a few weeks ago... and had rarely used them over the previous 8-10 years (being a convertible I kinda don't drive it with its raining very much ;-). I have all the correct hoses, wiring, components, etc. - e.g. no reason to think the system would not work fine.

I was very careful to mark the connections before removing my switch. If you would like I can come back to this thread in the next few weeks with detailed documentation about how to hook it all up. I can include a scan of a pretty useful illustration in the Master Parts catalog - it illustrates how the vacuum hoses are supposed to be connected inside the engine bay.

I talked to the American Autowire technical support folks. They assert that their harness will work fine with any speed wiper. I am inclined to believe this... in fact now that I search a bit again I cannot now find any wiring vendor that calls out a 1vs2 speed option on their harness systems. Maybe I am just hallucinating.
YES Please do! :P the sooner the better on that vacuum illustration! :P :P Everything is still in place except the vac hoses of mine so I'm Glad you spoke up! I was just about to buy a wiper & delay from 70s truck & convert & 2 speed motor. but I'll hook up the vacuum & try out the comet set up first. I may still buy the 2 delays & motor that I have found to buy, I want one for my truck & someone on here might want the other delay set up.
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Re: '65 Wiper Switch/Systems: Two speed = interval?

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Here are a couple of links that I was looking at concerning the conversion on the wipers (two speed and intermittent)

http://www.rowand.net/shop/cars/1964for ... wipers.htm

https://bzerob2.wordpress.com/2012/11/0 ... t-upgrade/

For anyone interested in learning more.

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