65 Convertible Frame – Need Pass Center Side Rail

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65 Convertible Frame – Need Pass Center Side Rail

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Hey Folks -

I am now proceeding with restoration of my 65 convertible top frame. My frame is in very good condition sans a bit of damage to one component – specifically the passenger side Center Side Rail and (attached) Control Link. These are the components that attach to the front (header) bow by two acorn bolts, then runs along the top of the windows and then attaches to the Rear Side Rail by a pin/bushings/cotter. I am hoping to find someone with a 65 Comet or Falcon convertible car that has a part-able frame (e.g. in poor repair sans this one component). While the damage on mine can be repaired by an adept fabricator (which I am not) I would prefer to replace it – my part will never look exactly correct due to the nature of the damage (though it will function just fine).

I just submitted requests to join the Comet Facebook groups where I will post a similar message out there. Meanwhile I have been watching ebay and contacting sellers who are offering 65 convertible parts (hoping to find one that has this part). If there are any other sources/folks you suggest I try to connect with please let me know – many thanks in advance.
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Re: 65 Convertible Frame – Need Pass Center Side Rail

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