Sub frame connectors

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Sub frame connectors

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Have any of you guys added sub frame connectors to a 64 Caliente? All I have found so far are Global West Suspensions Part # 916, but they can't say if it will fit the Comets. Application is for a Falcon or Ranchero. I can fab some up, but if there some available, I would rather go that route. Thanks.

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Re: Sub frame connectors

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Crites work OK. Wouldn't recommend them for all out racing

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Re: Sub frame connectors

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Re: Sub frame connectors

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There isn't much to the crites subframe connectors ,a straight section of tube notched to connect at the front section and a piece of 90 off of that to connect to the back.I assume you have a welder or access to one.If I had to do it again I would have thought more of doing it myself and just bought the tubing .I used some doubles at the front to have some meat to connect the crites to the front sub frame as the crites tubing is wider than the subframe and there is a gap
unfortunately I am away from home for 6 weeks so can't send pics.

I don't have any experience with any other brands

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Re: Sub frame connectors

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I looked for some 2 x 3 box channel and didn't come up with any, so I took 2 x 3 angle iron and made my own box welding them together. Then welded the box onto the bottom of the sub frame in back and up into the torque box in front. I did take a 1/4" plate and welded it across the new box frame and the original sub frame up front to tie it all in.
It's a little heavy duty but I installed a 4 link suspension that's tied into it. So all of the thrust of the rear axle is against the new sub frame.
tomb's 65

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Re: Sub frame connectors

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Here's some pics on how I did mine, also a pic on the next page.
Starts down about mid page. ... 8&start=75
I'd rather do it myself if it's done right or not,,,isn't that what hotrodding is all about?

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