Windshield washer nozzle and tubing

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Windshield washer nozzle and tubing

Post by junkmurray »

OK...I've asked the 60-63 forum and haven't heard back from anybody so thought I'd ask this crowd.

I decided to give up putting my single speed windshield washer switch back together and decided to go full daily driver with my 63 S22 Hardtop. So in addition to installing a new Newport Engineering variable speed motor and switch, I'm also installing a washer pump (no washer kit originally on my 63 S22 hardtop) and wondered if anybody could show me a picture of how the tubing and washer nozzles would have been on one that had the optional washer kit.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Windshield washer nozzle and tubing

Post by poboyjo65 »

here is the way mine was when I got it. hoses connected to a couple of steel lines going thru the cowl with the nozzles aimed up out of the cowl vents at the windshield. hose ran to a foot pump above the dimmer switch & hose ran from that to the reservoir out on the apron, the dull white box with black top on the driver apron.
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Re: Windshield washer nozzle and tubing

Post by SASSY »

A little closer pic
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Re: Windshield washer nozzle and tubing

Post by tomb22 »

Here's how I did mine. It didn't come with a washer system either. Here's a picture of a universal tank with pump mounted and the main line leaving it and I ran it along the passenger fender.


Then ran the hose along the shock tower brace to the metal squirters shown by Sassy. Here is a picture showing this.


Hope this helps you
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