65 Convertible: "Set Screw with Washer"

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65 Convertible: "Set Screw with Washer"

Post by kevinshi »

Does anyone know a source for the below part... or perhaps have an extra one I could buy off them? (I just sent an email to Pete @ Comet East on this as well).

For a 1965 convertible - I need one of the "Set Screw with Washer" fasteners used to adjust the upper end of the window run inside the door on the lock side (see below picture). The Ford Standard Part number 354021-S (it’s 5/16-24 with length 1 3/16” and a fixed washer).

One of mine (driver’s side) is horribly rust bound. I am still working it but have already compromised the Allen hole. I can't find any source for that style of fasteners... though I gotta believe they are out there somewhere (they must have been used on the Mustang as well... or so I hope...).

Alternatively I would be glad to buy the receiving assembly with the screw... or even the entire rear channel assembly with the fasteners... ideally from the drivers side (which is what I am working) but I would do the passenger's as well just to get that (interchangeable) screw...


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Re: 65 Convertible: "Set Screw with Washer"

Post by DMurphy »

HI I still have the screws your looking for on ebay. Dave

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