Custom exhaust or kit?

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Custom exhaust or kit?

Post by mercuryman »

Does anybody know if there are exhaust kits available for a 65? I see some for 66/67 comets and Fairlanes.. Will these work?
Or is it best to have a custom job put on?

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Re: Custom exhaust or kit?

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The 66-7 cars are s little bigger but might still work but I'd go with a custom one. Header exit location, where you want your exhaust tips plus hpipe, xpipe, straight pipe are all choices that are available in a custom
I'd rather do it myself if it's done right or not,,,isn't that what hotrodding is all about?


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Re: Custom exhaust or kit?

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have a custom exhaust system put the end it'll be cheaper,,faster and alot less hassel.....pop

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Re: Custom exhaust or kit?

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But if you want to compare...

I ordered my stock 64 exhaust from them and it was a perfect fit. One bracket wasn't right and they made good on it.
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