Found my 65 Caliente

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Found my 65 Caliente

Post by johnhalabama »

I found my old Caliente that I bought the day I graduated college. I saw it by the road for sale, put my truck up for sale that day and had four guys fighting over it. I got more than I was asking, took cash to the guy with the Caliente, ask him if it ran, got the keys and drove it to my college graduation. Red, black interior, 289, 3 on the tree. It’s been sitting for 20+ years. Going to post some pictures but the one interesting thing it had track bars that didn’t look after market. Had about 1” square bars. Has anyone seen these before?

I made an offer on the car. Waiting to hear. I’m also working on a black Cyclone.

Joe Travers
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Re: Found my 65 Caliente

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I tried to find my old '65 Cyclone back in the Fall but it left the country, couldn't trace it down.
Hope you pick up your old car. Hard to buy back memories but anything is possible.
Maybe Santa will give you a nice present this year 8)

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Re: Found my 65 Caliente

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Good luck on it John! :D technically we're still in the fall till monday,so maybe you'll hear back from it before winter! :) or maybe he'll see something he wants,to help persuade him to sell ,so you get by christmas ! :wink:
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Re: Found my 65 Caliente

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POP knows the feeling when you run across something like a car from your past,,,been there done that !!!...when I found my old 67 S code GT fstbak stang,,,the owner was taking bids for 72 hrs,,highest bidder got it,,,,I had to be the highest bidder that minute,,,,,,,,but I got it !!.....sometimes you blow caution to the wind and just go for it....good luck pop

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