The Era of The Square Body Racing Comets
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Has anyone else noticed the astronomical rise in prices for used and new parts on e-bay?? I don't want to sound like a cheapskate but if I were building my CYCLONE now I would be hard pressed to meet the prices some parts are going for both on e-bay and in the aftermarket catalogs where shipping is through the roof. Anyway, there is not much one can do about it but squawk. Any thoughts?

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You can still find deals if you're patient. Tag E-Bay for notification alerts when parts become available. Just caught a build today where a guy copped a tunnel-ram intake and dual quad Holley set-up for $400.


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Yes some parts are listed really high, but they tipically don't sell. It a marketing thing to make a less overpriced, but still overpriced part seem like a deal. A guy I know does this with his mopar parts he sells. Has is cousin list similar parts at outrageous prices, then list his high, but below his cousins. Once in a while someone buys the super high priced parts too. Crazy how fast one guy can manipulate the market.

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Once upon a time, eBay was a decent place to find some good stuff, I bought many parts back then for my Comet way before I needed them, I am glad I did, of course that meant I bought some things twice because I forgot buying them before :roll:

Not sure when the last time I bought something off of there that wasn't a commercial business, I liked it better when it was mostly regular people selling stuff out of their garages and basements but sometimes you got a dud but usually the price was low enough.

I found my parts car on eBay, it was close enough( a few hours away) he was parting it out and I think I got what was leftover :roll: when I first went and looked the car was almost complete but many pats were already sold off of it, we did the deal outside of eBay which is probably a no-no, but then again I did not buy anything he had listed on there, that was the hardest $300 I spent but really it has more than paid for itself (I picked up a stuck '72 200 in the deal and the head is what is on my car now, the short block is sitting on a stand for who knows what reason & yes I got it unstuck)

So like Joe says you can still find deals but for me, it took me out of eBay to make the deal :roll:

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