need help with 64 single speed wiper switch

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need help with 64 single speed wiper switch

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Hi, new to the forum here. I am in the middle of restoring a 64 K code Caliente hardtop and having a difficult time identifying the correct wiper switch for my car. I purchased the car as a shell and boxes of parts project about a year ago. Most everything was there but the wiper switch. Factory harness is in good shape. What I have is a single speed no washer motor. Every switch that I have looked at from various vendors has 5, 6 or 7 terminals on them.....none coming close to being arrayed to match my harness connector. My connector only has 4 terminals on it. Pic included. So far, none of the vendors have been any help at all. What switch is correct for my application? Look forward to informative answers!

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Re: need help with 64 single speed wiper switch

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headlight switches are pretty universal would check the Mustang vendors and see what they have if you have not yet

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Re: need help with 64 single speed wiper switch

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Welcome aboard, Robert! :D You may have already barked up this tree, but I found this at Falcon Parts. Says it would fit a 64 Comet, but they don't show a pic of the terminals. They DO say no returns. Might be worth emailing them a pic of your connector and see what they say. Good luck. ... -p7312.htm


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Re: need help with 64 single speed wiper switch

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I'm very interested also, as I am looking for the single speed wiper switch. My motor, arms, and wiring are all good, but the wipers cycle themselves once every 30 seconds or so with the switch off. I pulled the fuse to stop that.


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